Warranty and Peripherals for the Librem 5

I am considering purchasing this phone but I have a couple of questions before doing so.

Q1: Is there a warranty for the phones or an option for one?

Q2: Any peripherals that the phone will have when it launches? Such as a phone cover or screen protection.

I want to know the answers to those questions because I am a bit concerned about how well the phone will withstand damage since I am moving from a Galaxy S5 Active to potentially this and the S5A is built like a mini tank. Not to mention spending $600 on a phone isn’t something that I normally would do but this phone scratches an itch that most phones can’t. So I am hoping I can make it last as long as I can.


some time ago I asked for any provided custody and replied that they would have made available a file for 3D printing of phone protection.


So the case can be 3D printed, why didn’t I think of that? What about screen protectors?

for the screen protector i dont know and if the case protect the screen i dont know

There is a matrix channel where we discuss this topic and plan on creating some cases. At the moment we are waiting for the final dimensions of the phone before we can start.