Waterfox Browser

Does anyone have any thoughts about waterfox?


And will it be accompanied shortly by Airfox and Earthfox?


and, of course, waterfox.

I prefer IceCat:


My issue with all these Mozilla-derivative browsers is that they aren’t much better than Firefox itself and I prefer to support Mozilla, which is constantly in danger now of reducing market share to zero. Saints preserve us if we are all forced to use Chrome, chromium, or chromium-based browsers.


Not me anymore.


What are you using on linux? windows? android?

Today, Mozilla Fellow Emmi Bevensee is publishing a new research into just this: How hate groups in the U.S. are using Peer-2-Peer (P2P) technologies to spread disinformation, amplify toxic content, and incite violence.

Are you suggesting that this is not important to study? Firefox (for-profit organization) is a part of Mozilla (non-profit organization), and the former gets money from Google and gives to the latter the rest after developers are paid. I don’t see what is wrong with that research.

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Trying Dissenter currently. Trying to tweak settings and see how I like it. Only mac right now. Haven’t gotten my L14 yet of course.

No, I’m suggesting that I don’t use anything Mozilla anymore :grinning:

I have been chiefly using ungoogled chromium on android, linux and windows.

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I think Mozilla’s problem has been and still is that they should be concentrating on one thing and instead they have too many things going on and are by and large doing a worse job than they would if they focused.

This became really clear with the last version of firefox last year. From that time on I have been looking to cut any exposure to firefox directly.


Mozilla has recently published other unsavory pro-censorship material too. Sadly I think they’re the lesser of two evils since the only choices for browser engines are Gecko or Blink.

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Who pays the piper calls the tune…

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Arent’ all those Mozilla links off-topic in this thread?

Recent good thing about Mozilla:

Sorry I won’t do it again

No, Waterfox is a fork of firefox. So as a derivative it will suffer from some of the defects of firefox.

In starting the thread I was hoping to learn if it was worth investing my time it using it.


The name of the thread is Waterfox Browser, so I expect that specific things about this browser should be discussed, not general things about all Firefox-based browsers, or why Mozilla is (not) bad.

That said, the problem with non-Firefox browsers is that they all are not just financed, but also controlled by Google, which is much worse. I see no other way to support the open web except supporting Firefox. As @purism121 said, we should support it in order to fight Google monopoly (which is near to Internet Explorer already). Or, you can use Lynx browser, too.

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Aligning everyone’s expectations is rather challenging.

if almost all of firefox’s funding comes from google, I would suggest that they could be considered to be a “controlling” party.

The question that I have been struggling with is: Is it better to use a de-googled chrome (with all google service call removed) or a diminshed firefox or one of its derivatives.

No. Google pays to Firefox in order to avoid antitrust (like Microsoft at some point donated to Apple). Google does not force any decision on Firefox developers.

When you are using de-googled chromium, you are supporting Google in their forcing of new web standards, which are better for Google. There are more and more websites “tested on Chrome”, because all other browsers are non-existent, like it was in the time of Internet Explorer.

When you use Firefox derivatives you at least don’t support Google monopoly. But you also do not really fight it, since all those browsers have negligible market share and will not be noticed in the browser wars. Also, in this way you don’t support the actual developers of the Firefox core, which deserve their money. Why do you insist on not using the original Firefox?

In addition, Waterfox is developed by someone not very famous (at least to me). If you are using it, you have to trust Firefox and that Alex Kontos. Why would you expand people you have to trust? For your security you should trust as few people as you can. I like IceCat more because I trust GNU developers. They have a good freedom-respecting and security history. Where does Alex Kontos get his money?