WayDroid: Jellyfish Browser as Root-Process on Librem5´s PureOS

Hi there,
just want to know if this is normal:
Jellyfish-Browser-Icon as Root-Process on Librem5´s PureOS Process-Monitor (German: Auslastung).
The Process is not quitable.
I think i got hacked, but i am not sure.

I also have a browser icon from waydroid with a root label in the usage app, even when waydroid is not running. So, normal I guess? I don’t think we both are hacked. Maybe it is needed to get network through waydroid. Someone else probably has a better answer.

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By default, waydroid-container.service runs automatically, which is why you have this persistent process. You can run systemctl disable waydroid-container and that will stop this process from running automatically.

However, it will still stay running after closing Waydroid; running systemctl stop waydroid-container will kill it again.