Waydroid won’t update

Hi, Community!! I launched Waydroid and I see this message but, although I’m trying to update both, they don’t!
Please could you tell me why and how to solve it?
Thank you

Use waydroid upgrade in the L5 terminal


Thank you so much @ASwyD2 !!
It’s working in this way. Just curious to know why it didn’t work into Waydroid…
Do you know?

No clue🤷‍♂️

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Hi, Folks! Here again with a new problem:

Help, please! :pray:

I had the same issue today. Solved (but don’t know why) by “waydroid upgrade” twice.

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Did you try running waydroid log, as the error message recommends, and seeing what the log said? In your screenshot it looks like it failed and you just did the same thing while it failed the same way and repeated doing the same thing :person_shrugging:

thank you! it’s working now! probably some trouble with their server, now fixed

Possibly because apt controls all updates on your computer (the Librem 5)…(?)

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