Weather desktop application

Is there an app for the desktop that uses Norwegian Meteorological Institute data? I am used to use accuweather but they have become very aggressive with analyzing user profiles and this bothers me a lot. I can not find forecasts on their site unless I missed the link.

Sure. It’s the same as on the phone. There’s no difference here beteween “mobile” and “desktop”

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This does not work as expected. First it seems it uses geolocation and gets it wrong. Geolocation was anyway wrong because IPS route through big cities. For example, I am on an island in Greece far from Athens. The geolocation always shows “Athens”. I use redshift and that was the first time I noticed that problem. But for redshift you can pass arguments to commandline that fixes your location and moreover the time difference from Athens is not important.

But for weather it IS important. But how do I configure the weather app properly? auto through geolocation gives me the weather of Athens and I do not care about it :slight_smile:

If I disable auto location and search for my location manually it never saves it. Next time I am back at the search for location page.

Even worse, If I set my city (which it finds in the drop down menu it produces) in the search it stays in loading for ever. If I search for Athens it works.

I hope it will work better on L5. But on L13 it does not. Unless I can manually set my location somehow in some configuration file.

i my country the way it works is you have to give it one of the few major cities by typing it in or auto-geo-location and that almost always finds me in the nearest major city even though i’m not located there …

it’s not a matter of using VPN or TOR or NOT … it simply is the way that the system works … not accurate but useful as a general orientation tool …