Weather does not find Duisburg

I have installed weather on my librem5. But it does not find Duisburg in Germany, which is a rather big city. Any ideas?

You’ll probably have to go with Essen.

Thank you. It did find Kalkum, which is in the vicinity of Duisburg.

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Odd that Duisburg isn’t there, but at least you have the nearby cities.

It finds it, you will need a bit of patience: write Duisburg in the search box, then delete a couple of characters with backspace and write them again … while doing this nonsense a list of four Duisburg will appear :slightly_smiling_face:


five, actually!


Funny! I tried that at first and it wasn’t working. Guess I didn’t wait long enough. :laughing:

Maybe Duisburg is like Bielefeld and does not really exist ?!


I’ve never been in either “place”, you?

Nope. But as I was told Germans just create a rumor, that there is a city called Bielefeld. So you really can not go there, because it does not really exist.

Although there is no Duisburg, I only dream that I live there, today it has been found.

In my case it finds my location although I am on an island and not in a big city. It gives current conditions and then it says:

“Forecast not available”

Does anyone know why this? Is it the app that fails or the data it gets is not complete?

That’s a known bug that started a couple of weeks ago. And I think it’s probably not a malfunction specific to the L5, but to Weather itself.

Edit: Just confirmed… also happens on my Linux Mint machine, and I see comments in the software manager that others are seeing that error.

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Thanks @amarok So this will be corrected as a bug sooner or later by the application.

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