Web apps without address bar and navigation bar

I’m liking web apps but is there way to get rid of address bad and navigation bar? Most of the web apps are single page (no need of navigation bar) and I already know which app I’ve open (no need of address bar)

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I don’t have a L5, but does one of the keyboard layouts have the f buttons (f1, f2, etc)? If so you can try f11, but can’t say if/how it’ll work.

Gnome browser based webapp (FF had webapp/ssb removed some time ago) has titlebar and nav bar at on the bottom - I take it you mean those? It is good to have address shown (in tittlebar at least), as a security feature, because links can take you anywhere and not always where they seem or to what is written. F11 from terminal does nothing to them, does not work.

If you can get it to run, maybe https://github.com/linuxmint/webapp-manager or https://github.com/filips123/PWAsForFirefox can do what you need (possibly privacy and/or security issues - haven’t tried them)?

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I used webapp-manager on pinephone and it works, however want to see if there is solution for gnome web.

Also clicking on link takes you to separate instance of gnome-web it has all info needed

Installed both webapps-manager and PWAsForFirefox, I’ll be trying both.
As of now installing PWAsForFirefox was more convoluted than webapps-manager and I’ve not yet figured out how to create app with PWAs (GUI doesn’t really work)

Ay, as I said, FF removed webapp feature for some reason. Maybe FF-native PWAs will return, maybe not - seems to be a dev resource issue.

Let us know how it went, installation and use.