Web: OOPS something went wrong

So, Gnome Web is unusable after the latest ubdate.
I get in 90% Ooops, something went wrong.
When I check the logs, there is only one line
“web process crashed”
The application still runs but I pretty much only get this Ooops message.


Hello hfollmann,

not sure about. Try to sync/update again and update webkit, gnome-shell and epiphany. As alternative use firefox or chromium as browser.

And if the application still runs, just close and restart it (after your update), or reboot the phone. It might be, that you just use (still running) and old Version of that software, linking to changed libraries an that cause the error.

Good Luck!

Well, it is not Windows, and so all that did not change anything.
BTW. I do have the same issue on two (almost) identical L5s.

Sure enough firefox works, but that does not adapt that well to screen size.

It is probably related to the issue on this post. Follow the commands to downgrade certain components and it should make it more usable.

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Firefox in the Mobian repository rocks. Purism should adopt it.

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AFAIK PureOS ships the same mobile-config as Mobian:

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