WebApp and cookies

I saw it is possible to create a webapp for twitter and other website from the browser, but what about cookies? i mean those webapps do share cookies each other and with the browser or every created webapp will sandbox itself?



Check the first question there, that answer yours.

Short answer, the webapp cookies are owned by the webapp.


A safe browser should have a safe, sequestered place to accept cookies. Then the browser just automatically accepts all cookies by default. If you want to be tracked (like by your bank for easy logging-in) you click on a “Keep Cookies” button before leaving the web page. Otherwise, all cookies automatically get dumped immediately as you leave the web-page. No need for in-cogneto mode because you are an always-on in-cognito person. Another option might be to build a ‘random profile generator’ in to your browser. As I browse one page, the advertisers see an elderly woman who searches and spends a lot on medications and hygiene products. Then when I click to the next page, the advertisers see a young man who reads a lot about guns and camping. The next page I go to sees me as yet someone else. Then when I close the browser, all cookies automatically erase. The idea is that you want to destroy the reliability of the snooping metadata, so that no one (not even Google) knows what’s real anymore. Targeted advertising will become a thing of the past and you will never be spied on again. Advertisers will quit paying for targeted advertising. Companies like Cambridge Analytica won’t influence elections anymore. And Google will have to find better ways to earn money.


Thanks for the reply, i’m trying epipahny on my pc and even if i delete my browsing data from the browser when i reopen the browser itself and go to a website where i’ve logged before the data cleaning, the login is still active while with firefox this doesn’t happen

Edit: now it work as expected, i noticed it miss a functionality to autodelete everything on exit, i hope this feature will be included