Weekly news i love you


Thank you very much this is a great and waited news


For me the greatest news was knowing that we’ll have the iMX 8 instead of iMX 6 CPU. Awesome.

p.s. If any of Purism staff is reading this, I think you forgot to add that article in the “Updates” tab here :wink: https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/


Truly great news. I was definitely hoping for the i.MX8.
Also… 9 news posts during the last 30 days… Don’t overdo it!
Nah, just kidding… Keep the news coming! Weekly Librem 5 updates sounds amazing.

ok for weekly communications :grinning:

I also liked having again some news.
I didn’t read that iMX8 was confirmed only that they are still on this track and that because of battery drain of the iMX6 they will have a closer look at iMX8 and possible compatible components. I think there is a number where you can see if iMX8 was truly confirmed which is the money collected for this project, once it’s shooting from 150 % up to 200 % it’s really confirmed :wink:
I also really appreciated that we get more updates!

I’d assume that people will pre-order more when it will get closer to January 2019. Then and only then will happen all the magic. :heart:

While speaking about January 2019, could you please address in your weekly news if the project is on track with the schedule. Thanks



thank you for the post puri.sm & @nicole.faerber! it’s really good to know what’s going on.

and: add pics! pics or it didnt happen! :smiley:

Same for me too. Really happy to see regular updates, especially design matter, showing what would be the Librem 5 in the future if possible.
They are doing a good thing currently with those regular news.

Thanks so much!
And yes, we are working on pics and graphics designs too, there are some here:
and more to come.