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Sent these questions in an email, please reply there todd, but also feel free to reply here to share with others if they have the same questions/concerns.

  • Can you please tell me what you’d suggest for whole disk encryption? What are your thoughts on DM-Crypt VS Veracrypt?

  • What have you done for the web browser? Is it basically just Firefox with the 3-4 extensions you added? Or is there a lot more going on to protect us? One thing I can suggest is changing some of the about:config settings, especially the “media.peerconnection.enabled” changed to FALSE to prevent the browser from sharing internal IP addresses.

  • When generating a new keypair using enigmail with IceDove, is that key generated and stored on a public server somewhere? usually i generate my keys using a program like GPG4USB and i know my keys are generated locally and therefor my private keys are no where floating around on some other server…

  • I can’t seem to install enigmail on PureOS, any idea why? Did you guys include a built in PGP program?

  • I have been using Mint 17.3 recently and Windows all my life before… On mint there is something called a “software manager” it’s great way to search for and install new free software… What is the equivalent of that in Pure OS?

  • Since PureOS is unique, I seem to be having a lot of issues setting this laptop up for max security and privacy.

  • Do you happen to have a MAC address spoofer or changer built in?

  • Can you tell me more about PureOS? what are the major differences between it and say Mint? Especially in regards to privacy and security?

Also curious to hear back the answers to these questions. :slight_smile:

it’s probably worth noting that these questions are (duplicated in and) answered in https://puri.sm/forums/topic/questions-anyone-feel-free-to-answer/

Thanks for the link, Pierce. :slight_smile:

FYI, this forum is currently under onslaught from spammers.

Perhaps a bit of CAPTCHA might help to deter these pests.


Yes, the spam is getting annoying. But the overall rate is still low enough that manual review of new messages every other day would probably be enough.

I don’t see a specific place to list this anywhere, but I noticed the Warrant Canary hasn’t been updated since April and states it should have been updated on July 1st. Is this an oversight or has something happened?

Hi, have a look at →→→ https://puri.sm/warrant-canary/

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