Well, my L5 Finally Arrived

I can confidently say that they genuinely wouldn’t care about the SSID in particular, unless the nature of their business has changed drastically since I left 5 years ago. It’s actually a pretty common joke throughout the IC.

Evil and corruption is not exclusive to the United States…it’s pretty universal, name one politician that would work for the same wages you make you know for the good of the people…lol.

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Do you also walk around with a pipe wrench in your belt?

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No but I just got my lawnmower blade replaced, mmmm hmmm.

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Continuing the adventure, I just got my first spam call.

Usually on a 'droid, there one can add a new number to a blocked call list. Can’t find that feature on my new L5.

You could answer the call…just say “hang on one sec I’ll be right back”…

Go about your business for 15 minutes or so…

Come back to your phone and say “There now I just wasted your time”…and hang up.


Gil Fulbright
He IS the 1st honest politician.
Scroll down about 10 feet, to the bottom of this site, there is a commercial for his campaign.

He’s the man.

I love to answer my spam calls. They got so frustrated with me that I hardly get any of those calls anymore. I’m always nice to them but absolutely refuse to provide any personal information. This really frustrates them.


I think I am more concerned with commercial enterprises and how they want to use my data. I’m less concerned with government agencies.

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