Well, my L5 Finally Arrived

So after three years and ten months I signed with FedEx for a box marked Librem 5.

Now begins the adventure, how to get it to work?

Inside the outer box, one receipt and one cardboard black box that says Librem 5.

Breaking the clear plastic seals, wonder what’s inside?

Hope there are instructions …

Hmmm a “Quick Start Guilde”, Version 1.3.4, check.

One USB cable, check.

One wall power adapter, check,

One U.S. wall power adapter for the USB, check.

One U.K. power attachment that attaches to the U.S. adapter, check.

One European power attachment that attaches to the U.S. adapter, check.

One plastic card with my a new phone number on it, check.

One phone marked “Librem 5”, check.

One 30mm by 20mm chip with serial number, mac address, FCC ID, Model WNFB-266AXI(BT) W, with a couple small Q-codes. In a plastic ziplock bag. Check.

One pair of earplugs connected to a stereo jack, check.

I guess I had better read the instructions.

One thing I didn’t find was the SIM tray extraction tool. Hmmm. Wonder what reasonable substitute? A needle and a thimble?


Post some video or screenshots my friend


I opened it up just to see what was inside, aside from the modem card there was another chip inside with the same numbers etched onto the metal side as the one in the ziplock bag.

So I don’t get what the extra chip in the ziplock bag is for.

Waa it the old one that they took out when configuring the current one?

I didn’t take the current one out because that would entail moving the two wires attached to it. So I don’t know the FCC ID or model nr. on the other side.

Or is it a spare?

By the way I did finally find the extraction tool.


After charging I hooked up to a convenient local network. After this I performed an update. (Required restart.)

After that I was abel to make my first call. Quality was about the same as my android.

Now I need to figure out how install SMS messaging.


Love the network SSID.

That would be Chatty. it’s supposed to be installed by default I think?


Found it. I didn’t recognize the icon for what it was.

One thing leads to another. I have no contacts. How do I import? Hmmmm…

With that SSID name, it’s unlikely that anyone will want to hack in to your network. I wonder what the real NSA will think if they see it.


Congratulations on receiving your Librem 5 Tracy. I’ve seen you commenting on here over the years and am glad your wait is over.


Congrats on receiving yours!

oh? I still haven’t found it myself, where was it? (Thankfully I already had one along with a kit for microsdcards and sim card adapters)

I think something like “Facebook_NSA_data_feed_” might create more buzz around the neighborhood.

(Rolling-snowball-down-a-mountain kind of thing…)


It turned out to have fallen on the floor when I opened the box. They should have put it in one of those dime (err ziplock) bags.


The IC’s (UNCLAS) twitter lookalike had a name called “Chirp”.


10 characters

Intelligence Community?

(Looks like tracy is a Fed :smile: )

“Was”, remember, I’m retired!

(But not like Gene Hackman in “Enemy of the State”. To repeat myself, more like the old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn.)

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Interesting. I’ve never even heard of that movie — I think it was during “my productive years”. On the other hand, when I’m on this forum I often think of a different Gene Hackman movie: The Conversation. It plays on the division between “paranoia” and “justified paranoia” when considering people’s expectation of privacy.

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In it he plays a parody of a tin foil hat guy. His character lives in a faraday cage!

Movie shows how evil and corrupt the US government is.

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He was just a bit ahead of his time. How else can one be assured that no bugs (microphones)
are broadcasting his conversations to waiting antennae? Again: “paranoia” or “justified paranoia”?

Same here.