What about Duo Mobile Support on Librem 5

Does anyone know if there will be a way to Support Duo Mobile on the Librem 5? When I take my company laptop offsite (outside of my company’s firewall), I can gain access to everything inside of the firewall through VPN. From any internet connection, I can bring up Cisco Any connect. But knowing my password is not enough. Before the network allows me in, they send out an authentication request to my Android phone. The Duo Mobile app on my phone receives the request and I have to click “Allow” from the phone app before the network will allow me in. So without an Android or i-phone, I don’t think I could get in. Is there a Linux tool that does the same thing?

Interestingly, when I moved my primary phone number from Verizon to Google voice, I also put a new sim card from a different carrier in to my phone. I got a new phone number for the phone in the process and then forwarded all calls to that new number on my phone from Google Voice. Somehow, duo mobile still works on that same phone even after I changed the Sim card and phone number and carrier. Either duo mobile follows right through forwarding from Google voice to the new number, or somehow duo mobile is tied to the phone itself and not to the sim card nor phone the new phone number. What is even weirder is that when I set up the duo mobile, I only provided the old phone number (which is my Google voice number now) in to the duo mobile system. I don’t know how duo mobile knows to contact my phone through the new carrier, new sim card, and new phone number for authentication requests anymore. It just works because it used to work before I made all of those changes.

if you are actually using your laptop to access the VPN I suggest you install an android emulator in the laptop itself, and verify your login there. I use Genymotion for some things that still force me to use an android app. Security wise is not ideal, as i guess the logic of your system is that it asks for confirmation on a separate device. you can ask your company IT dept to provide a solution that doesnt trap you in the iOS-Android feud prison.


In and of itself, the answer is probably “no” but you would need to put that to duo.com (Cisco) whether they intend to provide an open source version of the app and/or document the interface sufficiently well that someone could create an open source version.

The potential exists that you could continue to run the app on your existing phone i.e. use the existing phone as a SIM-less authentication device. However that is inconvenient as it means carrying two phones (one stashed in the laptop bag, and one - the Librem 5 - as your real phone).

Failing that, you would be waiting for Anbox support on the Librem 5 (which you may be able to run on the laptop instead).

You are not the only one with an authentication app problem. BigTech is sucking up authentication into its usual oligopoly, making our life more difficult.


My phone is not supported as well so I’ve been supplied with an RSA hardtoken to use with Cisco AnyConnect.

Maybe that is an option for you as well.

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Duo also has an option where you get a phone call, answer it, and press 1. That way you don’t have to install their app and you can use landlines too.

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