What additional L1 services would you like to see?

I don’t work for Purism but, I’m curious to know what you guys would like to see offered from the Librem One services.

My wishes are:
Notes: https://joplinapp.org/ (& webpages & screenshots)
Passwords: https://keepass.info | https://keepassxc.org/ (Plus OTP, etc)
Bookmarks: https://www.xbrowsersync.org/ (OR?) https://github.com/shaarli/Shaarli
Syndication: There’s a whole bunch of feed aggregation F/LOSS out there. Don’t think it matters too much?

https://turtlapp.com/ might be interesting. It covers a few of the above.

Most of these are fairly small, easy to set up, and lighter resource. I haven’t seen too many public servers out there for most of these softwares and it’d be great to have another option and more reasons to subscribe!

Your thoughts?

Edit: Adding Wallabag as someone seems to be developing an app for it. :smiley_cat:

A PeerTube instance would be a dream. A Jitsi Meet instance would be another dream.


PeerTube would be a bit too much I think. Videos, even with P2P require so much storage and bandwidth.

I assumed video conferencing would be part of the Matrix and/or XMPP service. I know Matrix uses Jitsi Meet behind the scenes, by default it’s Jitsi’s servers so, yeah, Purism hosting their own would be nice. Nice to the Jitsi project for taking some of the load off and to us for offering a complete package with the services we’re already getting.

you can limit the upload rate (data sent) no ? it’s practically a glorified torrent client. even on a desktop with full-unlimited DSL it’s a good idea to limit it to 66% (2/3) of total up.

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Does L1 have got support for own domains meanwhile? If not than that would be a thing. Then some people might consider to move.


I would be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee for access to a search engine that never queries me, respects my privacy, Doesn’t use the collective aggregated search data for any un-disclosed reasons or that everyone else doesn’t also have access to, doesn’t advertise, and that stays truly objective and unbiased (no liberal or conservative biasing unless I add those biases to the search criteria). I want to see what is out there, not see a reflection of myself based on what those who spy on me think I am, or based on whatever they want to sell to me.


Can you explain more about what you mean? For example, you already have a domain and you want it somehow to integrate with L1 e.g. they offer hosting to you? You want Purism to register a domain for you? You want Purism to offer subdomains?

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In addition to current offerings, WEB Hosting, Domain registration, Trusted Network & Hardware Security Services & Privacy Recommendations, Virus scanning removal & patches along with trusted online training all to include single and or Family Plans for offered Services. Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly payment options.

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That might be interesting, actually, if there was another solid SearX node.
There’s a bunch of smaller search engines out there:

I’m sure I’m missing some.


A good map offering that:

  1. Is available as a Librem5 app (Pure Maps/Gnome Maps) and on the web (Qwant maps), and ideally as an Android app too (OSM+)
  2. Can do routing and turn by turn directions
  3. Is OSM based, open source and privacy respecting
  4. Has Public Transport data and routing
  5. Has real time traffic data (optional - this might be hard to square with privacy respecting if no aggregated data sources are available)

I use my domain with a catch all address. Every service I register at gets an individual address like puri.sm@mydomain.tld . Unfortunately I can’t send emails from this addresses without explicitly creating them in the configuration. My current provider does not allow this probably as spam countermeasure.

I mean at least sending emails with addresses like xy@mydomain.tld to be send via L1. My current provider does only allow to send emails with from addresses that I have explicitly been created in configuration. I would like a service where I can send emails from arbitrary addresses without explicitly creating them beforehand. I know I am not alone with this, because this has already been mentioned somewhere in this forum. Probably when L1 was launched. Also domain, email and webhisting could be interesting.


They’re working on the parts they can. The rest is left up to the various map devs and the community for actual mapping and routing contributions.
Unfortunately, I don’t know if anything will be as comprehensive as the big G’s.

It also requires a lot of resources for moderation. Given the catastrophic reception of Social Librem by the rest of the fediverse because of the hesitation at launch about moderation, this seems to me unrealistic for a company of Purism’s size.

I wonder if something like maps.me would work on the L5 through the browser?

Sure, I expect in the short term packaging Pure Maps and Gnome maps for Librem 5 is as far as they’re likely to be able to go, and plenty of other options will work in the browser or even in Anbox too.

I figured this was more like an idealistic wishlist.

Indeed, I wish Purism had a YaCy instance in the Librem One.

Bear in mind that Purism “can’t” send email from anything @mydomain.tld unless the owner of that domain authorizes Purism’s IP address(es) to do so (via the SPF record). That is certainly doable but it’s one more piece in the puzzle.

Yes, I am moving in that direction too. As I operate my own mail server, I don’t have any such restrictions. :slight_smile:

Yes, but also as an anti-forgery / authorization measure. The point is that you should have to prove that you are authorized to send email as email address xyz (@mydomain.tld) but if the xyz is not configured in then there is no information to rely on for that authorization information. If there is only one ‘real’ user in the domain, it probably doesn’t matter much. As soon as you have two or more ‘real’ users then it’s a problem.

This suggestion has been previously discussed at Suggestion: unique/masked email addresses


What I had in mind was things more along the lines of what’s already being offered. Additional luxuries that could be behind a paywall.

What people are suggesting so far are nice but, they’re rather large undertakings that are more like general services. I don’t think the amount of people subscribing to L1 would cover the amount of people using search engines and video nodes.

What other services would you guys like? Suggest a specific protocol or application support or something general. See OP.

I don’t think you understood my suggestion about https://yacy.net. I am not suggesting to run a full search engine, but just one small node of it in the whole distributed network. The search page would only be accessible to the subscribed users. The more users subscribe, the more of them use search, the larger this node can grow.


Ohh yeah. Sorry, I haven’t used or looked into YaCy in a long time. The way you put it, that would actually be really cool!

That reminds me of something else. Maybe they could join the other companies and projects running https://ipfs.io/