What are the correct PureOS Flatpak remotes?

I read the new blog about Flatpaks:

I have at the moment three remotes from Purism (PureOS), is this correct? What are the differences?

$ flatpak remotes         
Name              Options
flathub           system
pureos-store      system
pureos-store-beta system
signal-arm        system
PureOS            user
gnome-nightly     user

Also note that running

apt install pureos-flatpak-defaults

Did not install the `PureOS’ remote for me. I did it manually with:

flatpak remote-add PureOS https://store.puri.sm/repo/stable/pureos.flatpakrepo --user

How does this new flatpak remote for PureOS relate to the flathub and gnome-nightly remotes? I have been using flatpak for a long time and have 5 apps installed. If I install new apps from pureos-remote, will they share the same flatpak libraries as the apps I already have installed or will there be duplicates?

If I understand the blog correctly, the PureOS flatpaks will use a mobile optimized version of the GNOME runtimes:

“Ideally we would depend directly on an existing Flatpak SDK, like the org.gnome.Sdk, but for the time being we need a few changes to GTK3 and GTK4 to make apps work better on mobile devices. Our custom runtime is built on top of the GNOME one, with the patches we need for mobile. Of course, we’re working to upstream on the relevant modules towards removing the need for these patches medium-term, but currently this is the most practical solution for our users.”

The article on flatpaks has forgotten to write the negatives of flatpak. Aren’t there any disadvantages? Does flatpak has only advantages? I think I will stay with the regular Debian packages…

good morning everyone,

is anyone running flare from the purism flatpack?
I only get an error message and it does not start at all.

thread 'main' panicked at 'Failed to retrieve template child. Please check that it has been bound and has a #[template_child] attribute.', /run/build/flare/vendor/gtk4/src/subclass/widget.rs:1305:17
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace

I use flatpaks quite a while on my L5 Evergreen. I transfered the flatpaks to my µSD-card and while using the Flathub-Repo everything works fine.

Yesterday, I updated my system via apt and installed the PureOS-Flatpak-Repo as mentioned in Purism’s arcticle. Everything went fine. Starting PureOS-Store I could see the new repo and clicking on an app, e.g. Amberol, it was possible to choose the repo to install from.

I had Amberol already installed on the phone, so I deleted via the PureOS-Sotre. After uninstall, I couldn’t find Amberol in the store anymore to reinstall it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So, I closed the store, opened a terminal and cleaned my flatpaks using the following commands
flatpak update && flatpak uninstall --unused
Then I installed Amberol by flatpak install pureos* io.... The installation was complete, but the app did not start. I tried it several times. So, finally I uninstalled the PureOS-version and reinstalled the Flathub-version. Now it works again.

In my decision, I will ramain to the Flathub-Repo until the ecosystem will be tested enough. Hopefully everything will go upstream, because using everything pureos exclusive sucks :expressionless:
@Purism Please don’t understand me wrong. Your work is a revolution on the mobile ecosystem and the whole Linux world has to adopt to this new world, if users like me will have the full experience. And this costs a lot of time. Please, keep going on with your valuable work, tank you :+1: