What are the current steps to enable VoLTE on the L5?

Sorry, but I’m getting lost in all the VoLTE threads, trying to figure out what the current requirements are.

I saw this: https://forums.puri.sm/t/verizon-at-t-or-t-mobile-and-which-modem-is-best-for-them/6966/66 “You will have to contact Purism support to enable VoLTE and MMS/SMS. They will email you a site where you can download the script to run in the terminal that will produce an app on the phone to enable VoLTE.”

Is this still true? And, would I contact just the general Purism support, or is there one dedicated to this kind of request?

I did it manually forever ago with some terminal commands, but I believe they made a GUI to turn it on now, assuming you have the bm818 modem.

To install it, go to the terminal and use:
sudo apt install bm818-tools

Should put an icon on there for you. May have to reboot for it to find all the information properly. I installed it recently to view the firmware version of my modem, and it definitely took a reboot before it figured itself out. There’s a checkbox for turning on VoLTE. Mine was checked when it found the modem already, but I think that checking it is supposed to toggle it for you. If not, we have to dig up that old batch of commands.


I started the tool, enabled VoLTE, then tried a call… it dropped to 2G.

Rebooted and tried again… SUCCESS!

This U.S. modem on Mint Mobile (T-Mobile MVNO).

What does “CBS Enable” do?


I think they are these alarm messages your government might send when need be.

You might have to update your modem firmware for the tool to work properly. I did this after contacting support. There is at least one thread about this.

VoLTE is working, I’ll not fiddle with firmware. But I have to say that it will be cold day in hell when I enable CBS.

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I’m curious for your success on Mint Mobile, are you using a SIM card that Mint Mobile provided?

The main reason to “fiddle” with the firmware now from what I understand is to get the phone to wakeup from suspend mode (battery saver) when a call comes in. That’s actually what I’m in the process of doing right now.

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also using a Mint supplied sim card.

Just works, after installing the bm818-tools package

I am also a Mint Mobile customer (on my Samsung Note 9 daily driver). I have another Mint Mobile SIM card that I bought for my Librem 5. But I haven’t activated it yet. Would it be better to run the bm-818 tools program before, or after activating the SIM card?

Examples: weather, tsunami, mass shooter, etc. emergency alerts

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Yes, bought it on the Mint Mobile website. Had it in my Pinephone before the L5 arrived.