What are the limits of Librem 5?

Hi guys, very curious about the Librem 5’s ability to output to a monitor / keyboard / mouse like a mini Linux PC. I briefly used a Samsung Galaxy N20 Ultra as a ‘single device’ in DeX mode, other than being Android and ARM, it would overheat when I did multiple things at once in DeX mode. I suspect the Librem 5 has similar limitations given that it has no cooling, is assumably also ARM and a phone… Has anybody hit these limits? - I know it’s totally valid and reasonable to expect that there are such limitations, but one might be willing to put up with them and even justifying the price of buying a Librem 5 if they could give it a go and not be surprised when they hit the limitations.

So have I made the right assumptions there? and does it truly run the full version of Linux / PureOS - or is it a specialised / limited version too?

Really really keen to learn more.


The biggest limit is the ability to actually get one.


I think it depends a lot on the nature of “things” :upside_down_face:
Compiling OpenOffice while playing SuperTuxKart or a VR Game and having 30 browser tabs and Thunderbird open? Well, maybe not :slight_smile:
But I would expect a reasonable workload, like Browser, Email, LibreOffice, Audio/Videoplayer at the same time, should not be a problem.

And will “the limit” hurt you? It will throttle the CPU when you do resource intensive things for sure. Question is whether that throttled performance is still enough for you. If you are on the go and just need to check your mails on a bigger screen, this might be fine.

I would never expect an somewhat outdated, industry-targeted SoC with 3GB RAM in a small uncooled box to perform as well as a well-cooled desktop box with plenty of RAM. Check your mails, browse the web with a few tabs open or write semi-long texts with Libreoffice, but not all at the same time :-). That having said, I will report my performance guestimates once I receive my L5.