What cell is inside the battery pack? 18650's?

Since you don’t want to send batteries outside the US then that means we have to rebuild them locally when they become weak. This is basically fine for me, but only if the cell used is standard and available.

Does the battery pack in the Librems use the common laptop cells 18650? If not then what does it use?

I hope it is not something proprietary :S Batteries are consumable, right, not permanent.



This is pretty important, so yes, bumping this too.

cheers, HS

Two weeks and still no answer.

It is a simple question with a simple answer, but none was forthcoming.

But a different, unasked, question has now been answered instead: That is - “Will I get good customer support from this company?”, and the answer is “No”. So thank you for the important information you have conveyed, I will use this new information to help guide me on where to purchase my next computer.

From what I understand, the form factor can’t accomodate 18650 based cell pack.
The Librems are definitely fitted with a flat battery pack. Whether that pack is custom or standard, I won’t know until I get mines.