What country denomination R U?

I came back to investigate the deal on the L-14 and found discrepancies. One detail says:

If the 4-cell battery is selected, the 2nd storage option will not be available. (https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-14/)
(and what “second storage option”?

Does that interpret to “2nd storage option” is NOT available anyway? (instead of “will not”).

The price is roughly “From: $1,570.00”. But on another page, it shows the pwr adapter without a price (just pick country) and it seems to be included but at the bottom of that page, it has a price. Is it included or not?

Is the deal price a U.S. or assembled elsewhere price or both?

When I click “Buy Now”, the price jumps “From $1,570.00” to “$1,678.00”. What is the extra $108.00 for?

Is it in U.S. dollars? and wasn’t there a better price for those devices assembled in another country?

The L14 has 2 M.2 slots. If you select the 4-cell battery, as it is bigger, it will make it impossible to plug anything into the 2 second M.2 slot, because it leaves no physical room to plug anything in it.

As for the rest of your question, I’m sorry I just don’t understand anything that you said :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand the price discrepancy (and here in the U.S. I see $1599 for the base model, so that must be USD), but the power adapter is included, I believe. As far as I know, there’s only one version of L14, none that are assembled in alternate locations.

BTW, you just missed the sale that ended Feb 6. It was $300 off.

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Thanks for the info @primalmotion.
The only choice is the 4-cell. The choices in the dropdown are 4-cell and 3-cell, but the 3 cell is not available.I guess it’s the mentioning at all that stumped me. So, it can only have a 4-cell. and access to one “M.2”? Um, what’s a “M.2”? Mic, memory?
If memory, does that limit memory to 1 whatever size 1 memory card can hold?

Sorry, but I’ve been going through so many Internet of Things that it’s overwhelming at times. I hope to put a system together for a handicapped fellow.


The 3-cell + 2nd storage drive was the original plan, if I recall, but then a 4-cell (larger) battery became available (too large to also leave space for a 2nd storage drive). I think the 3-cell is still going to be offered, but it’s just not available yet.


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Neither do I. It’s why I asked. As the saying goes, the only stupid question is the one not asked. And I don’t ant to look too stupid :slight_smile:

I am not in the U.S., but my country uses the $ too, as do 19 others and for the most, all have different exchange rates with each other and the U.S.

But, I seem to remember a while ago that PURISM gave us two options to choose from. Buy assembled in the U.S. or buy assembled from another country, the other country being cheaper assembling.


But it’s OK @priyatham10 and @amarok. What’s a few hundred dollars amongst friends :grin:

I’ll go over the specs again. I like the idea of just using it to power 2 4K monitors. Too, it’s powerful enough to help manage a house full of IoTs.

Thanks ya’ll


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