What did we learn from the shipping announcement?

Yeah they are, I just meant rather than plastic.

Metal caps ? Hmm … I dunno man . I haven’t seen anything about that anywhere.

No I haven’t either. I just think it would be a nice feature. :slight_smile:

Found this on an article from SlashGear. I haven’t seen it before so I’m sharing it here. I assume that’s centimetre markings. You can see roughly the dimensions of the phone. I guess about 76.5 x 154 mm.

I am glad that they are emphasizing that refinements will continue. Being built on commonly used, community developed open source software, its future potential is high.

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From the concept picture in the daily app videos, based on the screen size of 5.7", I had guessed 72 x 146 mm. The Aspen size is quite a bit larger. I wonder if it will get closer to that size by Evergreen as they’ve said the next batch will be a tighter fit?

Edit: And for those of you playing at home, the actual concept size was 72.25 x 147.1 x 15 mm.

Tighter fit is mainly just for dust and water tightness. Tighter tolerances for the buttons and such forth. Probably trim seems to be smoother. At least that is my guess.


WOW, I didn’t know that slashgear was sponsored by Apple! (from the article above mentioned):

Perhaps except for Apple, user privacy is often just an afterthought among the major manufacturers and platform developers in the consumer tech market.


@PineappleOranges Yes you are probably right.

@deedend I expect similar sentiments once the mainstream reviews come out. Purism needs to go the extra mile explaining to them why this phone is different to Apple and all other phone hardware.

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