What did we learn from the shipping announcement?

The shipping announcement yesterday and the new pictures released of assembled phones have given us some new details on the device. Some of this has already been commented on in other threads but I thought in the absence of further content / modem emails / videos demonstrating the device we could catalog what can be gleaned from what Purism did give us.

Disclaimer: The below may contain educated guesses and possibly wild speculation!

  • The metal case is light grey/silver, with what seems to be a dull/matte finish. Possibly magnesium or aluminum? This was a surprise to me as previous renders had shown it as black, and the more recent photos from the batch announcement seemed to show it as dark grey. Note: we have yet to see the backside of the phone.
  • The display has rounded corners
  • The switches seem to be capped/finished, even for Aspen. Another big surprise based on the previous batch announcement and FAQ.
  • The terminal app is simply called ‘Terminal’ with a generic terminal icon, instead of King’s Cross as previously announced. This makes sense from a usability point of view, but was unexpected and confusing based on the previous announcements.

Anything else others noticed?

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And in privacy-friendly :wink:

Looks sharp :slight_smile:

Oh wow, the back is really distinctive. That’s awesome. Just wish it were a darker gray/black, but I won’t be too picky.


/me gnawing teeth and pulling hair for opting for chestnut :persevere:


Are the switches covered in those pics?

WOW, it’s really really nice… they managed to reduce the “brick” effect quite well, and the colour of the back cover it’s different. I like it!

P.S. also, recessed camera it’s a bonus for me, of course if the camera will be decent…


Yes. Now when can I have one already? :slight_smile:


Those pictures look really cool! Nice work team! :ok_hand:

The back cover looks like cement. I really dig that. Looks awesome. :grin:

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I’m not sure but it looks a bit like a part created by selective laser melting. I prefer a smooth surface to easily put it into a pocket and for easier cleaning. Lets see what the first testers a report.
For me from the pictures it is also clear that the back it is made of two parts. We will see if both are made of metal.
BTW: Iam impressed by the video (“The Librem 5 smartphone. Now shipping.”) showing the first “very fast” hands on.


Wow , did ya’ll see that back cover? It’s kinda like light/dark grey fiber linen micarta or something . Very cool .

I love the color scheme . Translucent grey rockers for volume and power , the back case . the side frame . Wicked . Cant wait to get mine. I should have gotten an aspen .


Some community wiki love:

I collected all the pictures from the toots (the three above and some more, beginning with the PCBs)
and put them in a gallery - for your viewing and scrolling pleasure.

But wait, there’s more!
@valos put some effort into collecting info about the modems.

So, the community wiki starts to have useful content :slight_smile:


Doing a great job with that wiki page Caliga . History in the making .


Agreed! I had fun making plans for my little case and all but I don’t think I’m even going to bother now. I’ll just be very, very careful because it does look very nice :smiley:

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is suggesting that I Sign in / Register. Which username/password does it need? Forum? Purism account? New?

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New (assuming you never opened a bug or created patches so far :wink: ).
Instructions: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/community-wiki/wikis/contribute

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I think I will paint the back plastic cover black and maybe engrave a Purism rectangle on it. Leave the metal side band its original color

Not me . I actually really like that concrete speckle look it has .


They do look nice but I hope they make some metal switch caps for Evergreen.

The switches are supposed to be capped long before evergreen if I read the batch features correct.