What Do You Use Your Librem For?

Just curious, I want to know why you came here and bought a Prusim product? What do you do with your stuffs?

I am a student. I am here to learn about computer and network security. So I will be learning my first programming language, attempting wifi and eth network analysis and attacks, learning about databases and basic data science. I hope to find the Librem perfect for a student environment who may make a career for himself in said areas of interest. My intentions are to learn to break things at home only, to learn to patch vulnerabulities etc.

What got me started was video gaming. I play a game that is still in development and is taking forever due to the nature of the technology and scale. I got invovled with bug testing, and then it went to getting the game to run in PopOs, which was an awesome experience. We got it running and made a guide for the community. That lead to me learning more about Linux and using various distros. My personal policical views and value system has me a lil concerened about where the world is going, so I want to future proof for privacy and security. Which led me here.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi there,
I am a computer science student, too. I use it for daily computer stuff (browsing, online shopping, writing mails, …)
As we need to use Discord for university stuff, I put it in a docker container, so it cannot spy on me that much and does not annoy me. I am happy that the computer is so fast, so compiling and virtualizing stuff is fast.

Furthermore, I also use it for my computer science homework, which is mostly programming, working with databases as well as writing Latex.



Security operations work, investigations, presentations, quoting, and of course, communications like email, Slack (soon to be Rocket Chat), and Discord.

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For now I am using this Mini for a learning hub. Learn to break it, learn to fix it. Hope to use it for daily use.

Been using a Librem 14 for about 2 years now as an IT administrator. It’s my work computer.

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