What dock are you using with your Librem 14 (and other Laptops)

I own a system76 Galago Pro (galp5) and have recently bought a Librem 14. I’m looking for a docking station that’s going to work with both. Apparently, the Librem 14 does not support Thunderbolt, so that seems to rule out my current dock (HP G2, with which I’m unable to get anything working besides Power Delivery)

The docking station should support the following:

  • Power Delivery of 120W+ (Galago)
  • HDMI or DP up to 4k (single monitor)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • At least 3 USB Ports


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Good Way that makes the core system that I use. It’s rebranded plastic on the outside by a few vendors. I currently use this one by Kensington with Arch just fine. It appears to be this Good Way DU31180 product inside. You have to have the DisplayPort kernel modules to make it work.

I wanted a vertical docking station for space reasons, ymmv.


Hey @deimos,

when you say

does it mean you have it working with a Librem Laptop? Which one?
The links you shared I only see Windows Support. Do you use the dock with a Librem and PureOS on it?

I’m looking for something which I can use for my Lenovo T460 (work laptop) and easily switch to my Librem 15. While I like to have 2 big screens (I don’t care if it is needed to attached one via DVI and the other via HDMI to the dock) and not just on Laptop screen + plug in and out all the stuff when I switch between the Laptop (right now it is LAN, Mouse, HDMI Screen)


Correct. Officially, the docking station is only supported in Windows and OSX. However, it works just fine for me. BTW, I run arch. :wink:

My model has 2 DisplayPort connectors in back. I only use it for 1 monitor.


I bought this one
and it works pretty good. (with the PureOS Librem15 as well as with Windows 10 Lenovo).

The Windows DisplayLink driver can be downloaded on the page directly.

For Linux, don’t download the i-tec Ubuntu Zip on their homepage!
It needs this DisplayLink Debian Implementation instead: https://github.com/AdnanHodzic/displaylink-debian (I first modified the script on my own, to work with PureOS 10 Byzantium, but they added it in the meanwhile)