What does Purism mean by “NVMe Pro”?

What does Purism mean by “NVMe Pro” for SSD storage? NVMe is a well-defined term, but “NVMe Pro” apparently means “any NVMe device that happens to have the word ‘Pro’ somewhere in its product name”. Has anyone been able to discern a more precise meaning in Purism’s use of this phrase? For example, does it correspond to some specific version of the NVMe standard?

Looks like Samsung and Adata (probably others) label some of their NVMe SSDs “pro”.

Not sure it’s an official thing but they explain it in terms of read/write speeds in https://puri.sm/faq/storage-options/

For M.2 Purism offers:

  • SATA disks (sequential read/write speeds: up to 550/520 MB/s)
  • NVMe disks (sequential read/write speeds: max 3,200/1,900 MB/s)
  • NVMe PRO disks (sequential read/write speeds: max 3,500/3,300 MB/s)

Correct. NVMe drives are now taking over the low end, got their start in the high end, so manufactures are now having to differential between those lower end drives and higher end NVMe SSDs by adding Pro.

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It is not only a matter of speed, it is of durability too.

Pro is up there with the DCT (data-center-varieties) i.e more TBW (terra bytes written)
if you just use the NVME for primarily read speeds then a PRO doesn’t make much sense but for some uses cases (write intensive) PRO is a must …

you could just as well go for the cheapo sata basic drive and buy an WD Red NAS (kinda the same 3D nand as ShangSung pro)