What exactly is "convergence?"

I’m curious what the terms “convergence” and “convergent” mean as they pertain to the development of the Librem 5. Can any monitor, keyboard, and mouse “converge” with the Librem 5 or does the marriage require specific and unique hardware, software, or privileges? I am leaning toward pre-ordering the Librem 5 with the intention of using my own monitor, keyboard, and mouse for my desktop experience with the Librem 5, but I don’t know if this is possible. Thank you in advance for any information.

Basically is to be able to use the phone as a desktop computer with just connect it to a screen, the applications automatically adapt as if they were desktop apps.

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I searched for cables, adaptors and conversors which were compatible to USB-C and found out that they are pretty expensinve. Certainly due it’s being a relatively new technology. At apple sotre, USB-C in to HDMI+USB+USB-C out was at a cost of USD149 (BRL475), but I found others cheapter of aproxemately USD62 (BRL200). I wonder if it will be compatible with samgsung dock station USD163 (BRL520)… I also wonder if we would have other options, like other fabricators of docks of the kind. Maybe there’s already something out there, but I’m not aware of.

Looking at Apple for cheap products? Quite like looking at McDonald’s for a great salad :slight_smile:
There are tons of chinese platforms to buy from directly, I have a hard time advising you this though, since it is a basic f-word to your economic patriotism.


Lol. I wasn’t exactly looking for cheap products at apple store :slight_smile: , I was just comparing.
About patriotism (support your local) when talking about electronics it’s really hard to do so. Purism may be located at US, but most of the components used to build its products certainly are made in China.
BTW, I’m not exactly searching for “cheap” products, but for good quality and fair priced ones.
Well… We’ll have until january 2019 to search :slight_smile:

Really hard indeed, supporting your local vendor often only means adding an extra commission while ending at the same sources.
From what I see, in what i linked you, you can have a full “convergence docking station” for $20.


Thank you, @uzanto! That answers my question.