What happened to Purebrowser?

This morning I restarted my Librem to install software updates and after that was done there was no purebrowser on my system. The config dir in my homedir is still there. I can’t find purebrowser in available software. Does anyone know what happened to it?


I searched (but missed) a post about this.

It looks like purebrowser is no more.

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Well this is another sad step in this company. Guess they just gave up on it. Maybe not though I have never seen much good about the browser at all in my opinion.

Yes we flipped the switch and made the transition from Purebrowser to Firefox-ESR. As you said the config DIr is still there as we would not remove a folder from a user HOME directory. So it is possible to copy the data to the Firefox config folder to restore your session, bookmarks, browsing history. etc:


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