What happened to the 8th stripe?

I like the spartan looks of the L5. I also like the stripes at the corners of the phone.
But I have this nagging question: why are there only seven? Why is the eight (the one that should be on the upper right corner of the phone) missing?
Or do I have a ‘misprint’?

These stripes are antenna spacers, they’re placed where they’re needed to be functional :wink:


Ah! Nice. So they are not just goodlooking, they are functional aswell.

I tell this to my wife all the time!


Mine only has 6 stripes


Are you sure?

You must only be a sargent and not a captain? lol

Number of stripes did vary between hardware revisions, so that’s not unexpected :wink:


See also: https://source.puri.sm/dorota.czaplejewicz/developer.puri.sm/-/blob/master/Hardware_Reference/Distinguishing.rst


Ah, Good to know.
Are they spacers gaps in a Faraday cage (I presume, they are)?

So, are there L5’s with eight spacers, ones with seven of them, and ones with only six?

Huh, I guess now I have to finish up that document.

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I have a subscription on this feed of this page to follow the great work of the people working on the Librem 5. I noticed your work a few days ago!

When you have done so, can you send me two more stripes, I feel discriminated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: