What happened to the Purism Purist Standard™?

What happened to your roadmap?
Is it still a thing?

The microcode in the ROM is written in Read-Only mode, this means that it cannot be removed.
Are you looking forward to change the CPU?
ARM? x86? PowerPC? Risc-V?
There are a lot out there.


Which microcode are you referring to? Many components have some.
They actually change the one in the CPU. Look up the blog posts on the Intel management engine and PureBoot.
I think Todd hopes for RISC-V in the future, but I don’t expect anything soon.

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I’m referring to ANY proprietary blob.

considering that there are no dedicated graphics cards yet that are completely free (hardware and software) i try not to make such a big deal out of the CPU not beeing completely free either. it’s all or nothing for me.

this “purism” thing they got going in is more for what they want to achieve not what they have achieved thus far. i think that’s why it’s confusing for some people.

but if it’s only PureOS we’re talking about then yeah that is 100% pure because it’s the part that refers to the GNU os