What is +25002?

Looks like a bug. Whenever someone calls me and I do not pickup the phone I receive a message saying “You have a missed call from …”. Before that there is always an empty SMS from the number +25002
It is not a problem, not annoying, I just report it for …polishing the software and out of curiosity, what is this…

My wild guess is, it is your cell phone provider sending you SMS to notify you.

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Sorry but you did not read carefully. Yes the provider sends an SMS saying I missed a call. But there is always a SECOND sms which is empty and coming form +25002.

This happens only when a call is not received.


Looks like this is not new, if you google this +25002 I find reports of people complaining about this since 2015.

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@purismforum It may help to link a few such reports.

I assume, without doing my own searching, that the existing reports do not pertain at all to the Librem 5 i.e. a bug that is older than the Librem 5.

I guess Apple and Google just throw the text message away in order to avoid bugging the user but the Librem 5 does not have that quirk logic yet.

You may need to raise an actual issue if you want the software polished in respect of this problem.

Otherwise, sooner or later, Librem 5 customers are going to want a rule-based system for automated call and text handling anyway, in which case this text can be tossed away by one such rule.

I will prefer this. We do need message filtering anyways.

SMS from this number have nothing to do with Librem5. It is spam that you are receiving from your provider.

Spam is not usually empty. It kind of defeats the purpose. Right?