What is best Grapics Intel compare to Nvidia 1050

Hello i there same powerfull Intel Graphics as is Nvidia 1050 ?

The general answer is “no”. Whether it matters depends on what you are doing with the computer i.e. what your requirements are. Which is “better” also depends on what type of computer you are talking about (desktop v. laptop v. something else). The nVidia 1050 cards are a few years old now. And I’m not sure that any nVidia cards will work comfortably with PureOS.

i dont need Nvidia, i want same power as Nvidia 1050 but Intel graphics!

Intel doesn’t currently make anything equivalent to a gtx 1050. I think their best option right now is the Iris Xe, which doesn’t hold up.. I do see a mention of a new discrete intel gpu called the Arc A380, which almost gets there.

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thank younow it make sense for me

How well does it work with Linux? with PureOS?

Identical interface to the Intel integrated graphics? Compatible interface? Incompatible?

Does it work alongside Intel integrated graphics so that you can, for example, shut down the discrete GPU when on battery power if you don’t need the graphics grunt of a discrete GPU?

This may be a completely hypothetical discussion though as far as Purism laptops or other devices go.

I have no idea. I was just searching around and came across that article :slight_smile:

Looks like it needs Linux 6.0, which probably wont be in PureOS for a long time. And its performance/power usage/price ratio sounds not good: https://www.phoronix.com/review/intel-arc-a380-linux

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