What is the current L5 OS version?

I have Bizantium on L5 - is it still the latest?
If there’s an upgrade - how?


I see, so simple sudo apt update upgrade should be keeping the system updated?
Thank you

Yes. I think the GUI for this may be a little iffy, so from time to time I would definitely do it at the command line just to make sure.

This will not however upgrade your WiFi card (obviously) and it will not upgrade the firmware on your cellular modem card.

How do i do this?

Buy the new WiFi card from puri.sm (if you want it).
Contact support to upgrade the modem firmware (if you want it).

is it faster than the original?

Apparently, yes.

Keep in mind that it’s very easy to break the antenna connectors when detaching/attaching the card.


OK, this seems interesting.
The only two issues I have with L5 is no Signal app - and wifi was so slow.
This may take 50% of the issues away :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Worth adding that it’s not a game over - the antenna cables can be replaced. However, you’re then in for a much deeper disassembly than just replacing the card, so it’s good to avoid it anyway :wink:

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Debian has planned to release a new version on 10.06.2023 (see https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2023/04/msg00007.html)

So I assume there will be also a new version of PureOS soon?
Is there any date yet?
May be also some upgrade information from Byzantium for Librem5?

Also there are other technical advantages of the new card.

Of course there are reasons not to upgrade:

  • risk of breaking antenna
  • hassle and downtime of having to replace the card (and get the firmware organised - depending on precisely when your phone was shipped)
  • cost (it’s not a large cost but only you can decide what your financial priorities are)
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Thank you.
It is intriguing and part of the fun of having such a DIY phone.
As I never used it for anything other than masochistic moments at home on my own down time will not really be an issue
I’ll have a look if they ship to the UK.
Will Purism give me a helping hand in the form of instructions on how to replace the module or is it a question of asking the community??

If you can live with your Librem 5 being a secondary (paired) Signal device, see this.

Thank you - I’ll have a read.

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