What is the dimensions of Librem 5?

I could not find the dimensions of Librem 5. What is it?

For me personally the moto x dimensions of 129.3 x 65.3 x 10.4 mm is perfect, which is my current phone and I am unable to find a replacement.

Also, I would like to request adding a iphone side flip switch.

I would be for the smalles possible form factor, iphone SE is fine, the olde HTC Wildfire was one of the most elegant phones

Moto X it’s a 4.7" phone, Librem5 it’s a 5", at least needs to be 0.3" bigger than the Moto X, but they need to fit more “hardware” inside, for example Fairphone2 dimensions are 144.5 X 74.5 X 10.6 but it’s a modular phone I think the Librem5 needs to be as much like that, but probably it’s going to be smaller.

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The hardware design is not complete, thus you will not find the final dimensions. One can use the 5" screen parameter and other considerations, as mentioned previously, to estimate potential size.

Good point, hopefully they will stack up the hardware and make the phone rather thicker than larger :pray: =increased rigidity while keeping the size to fit pockets:muscle:


So is the idea to make a rather smaller sized phone by design? Or could the size go up? I’m rather fond of bigger phones, since they can pack a bigger battery in there, which I think a mobile phone with a linux operating system is going to need, imo.

I’d personally vote to keep it 5.0". For me, large is cumbersome and difficult to use with one hand - and I see little benefit in terms of screen usability.

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I would see a benefit in “compact” size, as those phones are a minority on market. Regarding the battery, you are right, the short batt lives of modern phones are ridiculous! As someone suggested, the phone could be thicker to pack a bigger battery.

But as we see, there are a 1000 people with a 1001 tastes, it’s now up to purism to do some technical/market analysis and set the specs, I wonder how they’ll approach it.

imo more than 5 inch for one hand is overkill. 4 if you have short fingers.

As far as i know there are no final confirmed dimensions yet. But i made a graphical comparison to other phones from the design reports here. I estimated 141,4mm x 66,7mm



iPhone 7 dimensions
138.3mm x 67.1mm

found at:
https://www.apple.com/iphone-7/specs/MIYA LTD iPhone 7 Case

I thinks i made an mistake in the earlier calculations. The phone will be bigger.

150mm (6") x 71mm (2.8") x 14mm (0.55")

Check the size comparison post here for an updated picture.