What is the good NixOS configuration for the Librem 14 laptop?

Hi. I’m using Librem 14 running NixOS. It worked OK until the last time, when some freezes started to appear. While I’m discussing the issue with the support, may I ask the forum to share some known-good NixOS configurations for LIbrem 14 laptop?

Any NixOS configuration will do, it has no relation with the hardware (apart from the generated hardware-configuration.nix).

It also entirely depends on what you prefer to run on your laptop. I’m running sway on my main laptop, and gnome on both a work-provided laptop, my 2-in-1 laptop (which I use to prepare for the Librem 5) and the laptops of my kids.

Let me know what you use or want to use including applications, and I’ll compose a configuration.nix for inspiration.

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