What is the process for installing other OS on Mini>

I can install another OS onto the nvme but, I messed up the tamper proof setup up and I am looking to get that squared away. Is there a document on process of dealing with the pureboot, coreboot and librem key when using another OS other than PureOS?

IDk if its crazy to use another OS on this little beast, I just happen to like Ubuntu based linux the most and have grown fond of PopOS.

Would my little mini be okay running Pops and is it safe, secure? I get that PureOs has less bloat wear, but I would love to hear your thoughts.


you can install any OS you want on the Mini.

If using Pureboot, you need to follow the documentation and install the OS with a dedicated, unencrypted /boot partition (/ can be LUKS encrypted), then perform an OEM factory reset afterwards (or manually sign everything with your existing keys, generate new secrets, etc). Ubuntu, IIRC, does not default to a separate /boot partition so manual partitioning will be necessary. a 2GB ext4 /boot partition should suffice

If using coreboot, then just boot/install from USB like you would on any other device.

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Thanks. You mentioned reading the documentation, and there is a bit of that so I will ask, can you link specifically where the instructions for this are?

Is there a how to or a youtube demonstration of this process? Can you make one? I am strugging to get all these details to work together as I am a green privacy computer advocate. I am not advanced in computers and most things I have to research a bit on, which can feel overwhelming. I can also get lost as there seems to be so much involved.

I would like to see a write up guide on how to do exactly this, but it alone. It would help clarify and tbh, if a video format was made, it would be so easy as I best learn by seeing someone else do.