What kind of modem will be used?


i am wondering, if the librem 5 will work outside the US? Will the modem support European frequencies?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it will work outside the US. :smile:

The modem is one of the things in the “yet to be determined” part of this FAQ. It was also discussed in this forum thread, so maybe keep an eye on that as well for updates.

The FAQ page generally has answers to questions like these, though not always as much detail as people might want.

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Thanks a lot for those hints.

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I’m interested in ordering, … but only once I can confirm it will actually work in my area. Otherwise it’s an expensive paper weight. I must not be alone. So is there some list that will let me/us know just as soon as the broadband modem / carrier issues is firmly known so we can finalize our orders?

This FAQ might be useful for you: Will my existing SIM card work? What countries and networks will be supported?. I’ll add it to the forum FAQ if I can find it again! :mag:

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