What minor versions of Byzantium am I running?

How does one know what minor versions of Byzantium is running such as “10.3” not just “10”?

If there is a minor version number then I think you should see it in the output from this command:

cat /etc/os-release

But I’m not sure if there is any minor version number.

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Yeah no minor version.

PRETTY_NAME="PureOS 10 (Byzantium)"




Two things to note:

The minor version is a bit of a difficult thing to pin down. It’s basically valid only at the moment you install/flash, because after that, packages get updated once every so often, independently from each other… So if you install half the packages of PureOS 10.4, but the other half are still the packages that were live before 10.4 was released, what’s your version of PureOS?

Further more, if you install only the package that updates, say, /etc/os-release, but not any other packages, are you then on PureOS 10.4 just because a text file says so?

Having said that, you do have /etc/debian_release (which says 11.7 for me, the latest ‘bullseye’ release), but it does suffer from the same issues as above…