What of the 180 day lead-time?

Like many others who ordered the Librem 5, I do have some concern to the 180 day lead-time for the Librem 5 listed on your site. Does this mean that pre-orders will not get it until 180 days? Or that people ordering now will get theirs in 180 days? Just confused.

It means pretty much both. It’s explained in detail over there.


Just one more small question, are there any still in transit that people didn’t get emails for?

Wow, good news. Thank you very much! :heartbeat:

Stupid me bought new android phones last week too. However i looking now forward for my Librem5. :wink:

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Maybe you could replace your android to HarmonyOS or to Huawei phones. The question is, which one do you trust more?

Google/Android? Based in USA betraying your privacy and security, treating you people as resources and programs like cattles instead of human being.

Huawei/HarmonyOS? Oh well, let say which one do you hate the most? Them or Google? I rather to hurt Google by buying China’s brands. Plus China’s cheaper tho.


Just remember: 180 days is an estimate, not a promise.

Until you have a shipping email, I would take any estimate from any company with a large grain of salt under current global logistics conditions.


Yes, my lead time is 720 days so far.

I’m still waiting for my L5, (whether made in the US or not), paid in Spring 2019 dollars AND a new librem.one email address for almost a month that tech support seems unable to make it work.

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Neither, both are horrible… Use mobile Linux, or use a FOSS option for a de-googled Android…

August for me

If Purism would have stuck to their original shipping schedules (expectations that they created), then it wouldn’t matter to me that the Librem 5 USA purchases are only backlogged by sixty days now whereas I have to wait an additional 180 days or more now after waiting almost a few years already now. When I ordered my phone, there was no such thing as the Librem 5 USA version. Now all of the Librem 5 USA orders cut in to the front of the line ahead of me. Yes, I could always upgrade. But that was not a part of the original deal. I counted in-part on the fact that Purism would have to fulfill my order and others like mine in sequential order as they said they would, just to survive. What Purism is doing is like making a new stock offer that subordinates the interests of previous stock holders, as a new way to raise money (illegal). They’re not selling stock to raise money. Instead, they’re manipulating their customer agreements, to raise more money in what is looking more and more like a ponzi scheme every day. If they keep up these tactics, I am going to scream as long and loud as I can to get the SEC or any government agencies I can find, to shut Purism down if possible. I won’t care if I lose my money at that point. Any business that pulls crap like this doesn’t deserve to survive. And they blame it on the pandemic. I don’t care where they source the parts for my Librem 5. If anyone else who places their order after I placed my order gets their phone before I receive my phone, that’s just wrong. You can call it the Librem 5 or the Librem 5 USA. But it’ll all look the same in court.


You’re not being cut in line, the other line is moving faster than the one you’re in. It has always been the case that L5 USA would ship differently than regular L5s.


You know that the L5 USA and L5 are built in different locations and one facility doesn’t affect the other, right? No ones cutting in line. There’s two lines dude.


Learn how basic business economics works for the creation of a new product full of innovations, and what is the difference with a ‘ponzi scheme’, seems you have a lack of knowledge here
Then put it in a small business and global electronics shortage context

You understand that there is actually a global electronics shortage ?
It’s not a fairy tale they imagine to blind you from their evil plan
They actually sent the L5 to the first month (sept 2017) backers before the shortage occured


Anology: Just like the vaccination center put out by FEMA at my burg in April. There were two lines, one for Pfizer, the other, (well I forget what the other was).

The point is, one line was longer than the other based on what recipients signed up for. Funny that.


100% 100% That’s correct

I understand your annoyance–I am also frustrated by the long delays. However, there are many factors at play that you probably haven’t considered. Some companies like Xiaomi procure the parts themselves and send them to the electronics assembler, but most companies let the electronics assembler do the parts procurement.

One possibility is that Purism did the parts procurement for its L5 USA model and bought the parts before the current crisis made it impossible to get the i.MX 8M Quad, but the electronic assembler for the L5 Chinese model didn’t buy its parts beforehand, since it would wait until Purism ordered more manufacturing.

Another possibility is that Purism could only get a few hundred of the i.MX 8M Quad, and it decided to prioritize the manufacturing of the L5 USA over the L5 (which is your complaint). When I checked on April 2, 2021, Arrow, Digi-Key and Mouser together only had 49 of the i.MX 8M Quad in stock and they were all saying 26 weeks of lead time to get more parts.

A third possibility is that Purism has financial problems, and frankly needs the extra money that will come from shipping the L5 USA in order to pay to have enough money to pay for the manufacturing of the L5.

I don’t know is the situation at Purism, but I do know that nearly every company that has tried to sell Linux phones in the past has either given up (Motorola, Panasonic, NEC, MonteVista, Nokia, Canonical, Mozilla, GeeksPhone, BQ, Samsung) or gone bankrupt (Jolla), and I also know that Purism is the only Linux hardware company that is doing significant software development. 65% of PinePhone users say that Phosh is their favorite interface, so Purism is helping move mobile Linux forward in a significant way.


I understand that Purism is doing good things. But they owe those who placed their orders earlier, to receive their orders earlier. There was only one line when I made my pre-order. I understand that there are two separate supply chains and two lines now. But no one told myself and others that yet others who are willing to pay more would be allowed to cut in to the line, before I made my pre-order. The second line creates an unethical situation when it changes the deal that Purism has with its earlier customers who were in the first line before the Librem 5 USA ever came along. That deal says that orders would be shipped in the same sequential order in which the orders were placed. So Purism gives one of the supply chains preferential treatment instead of sticking to the original deal with the rest of us. If they’re going to do that, the least they could do is to do it quietly with out a lot of self-promotion, like it’s a good thing for Purism to break their agreements. I was gratified to see in some other threads, that some of the others are going to wait now to place their orders, until shipping pairity has been attained. Maybe everyone who would otherwise place a pre-order should do this now until Purism reaches shipping pairity. Apparently, the best way to get Purism to deliver is threaten new cash flows based on whether or not previous orders were shipped in a reasonable time frame, and under fair circumstance. If the well suddenly goes dry, it’s game over unless Purism has enough saved in the bank to reach shipping pairity without needing new pre-orders to keep the ball rolling. If they keep pulling this kind of unethical tactics, people are much more likely to move in to a “wait and see” mode.


There was no deal struck. When you say “deal” you’re describing an after-the-fact assumption made by one side of a transaction. And I will say again, you weren’t cut in line. You just didn’t opt to pay extra to get into the other line (which you can still do, BTW).


I paid for my phone in 2019. I was told there was a 6 month lead time. The phone is more than a year late. I was e-mailed & told the phone was ready to ship & was asked for my choice of modem and shipping address - which I provided by return. That was many months ago. Still no phone. I’ve asked for a refund, repeatedly. No refund, and no phone. Furthermore, I paid for a phone promising to deliver privacy. Instead, this first turned into a phone containing Chinese-made critical components (e.g. a Chinese modem), now I learn it’s also being built in China. The only lesson I have learned is not to believe a word this company is saying and not to send them any money. My experience is that you’ll never see either a phone (and certainly not the kind of phone that you’d ordered) nor your money again. Do please prove me wrong. Send me my refund and I’ll take it all back.

Not like the “deal” proposed by Don Rickles with the Tiger commander in Kelley’s Heroes? (“Maybe he’s a Republican?”)