What OS do you use on your Librem laptop?

  • PureOS
  • Other Linux distros
  • Windows family
  • Other OSes(BSD, Solaris, etc.)
  • Multi-boot

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I wanted to post a poll but I don’t know how…
Do you guys stick to the original OS, or using something else after purchase?
Edit: poll added.

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while composing a post …
cog icon on right hand side / Build Poll

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I think PureOS is a great distro, but because it has different goals then me, I switched to another. I first tried Elementary, but did not like that it was doing it’s own thing in the desktop environment and wanted to support the Gnome efforts as it seems to be getting the most support at the moment. I also wanted to be able to use the dash to panel extension which is only for GNOME. This is crucial to me. I hate the wasted space of a status bar.

So I am now and for quite some time on Ubuntu. 20.04 LTS at present, and loving it. Super stable, very adaptable and customizable.


I use arch btw


PureOS Byzantium
It’s somewhat of a pain because it’s experimental and the repository is often in inconsistent state but I’m sticking with it for now. But the new software versions and drivers (compared to Amber) are nice.

I would really like to stick with PureOS, because the ability to use a fully-free OS is the main reason I purchased a Librem laptop. But since I like having the current version of GNOME, I’m currently using Fedora with the Linux-libre kernel and Freed-ora installed.

PureOS Amber

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Thank you…

Thank you everyone join the poll and the talk.

Arch, of course, what could be better? :slight_smile:

Actually, I started with PureOS, but at that time it had an old 4.x kernel which did not support huge fonts in TTY (they appeared in 5.1, AFAIR), and self-built 5.x kernel had some issues running the distro, so I had to give PureOS up and switched to Arch.

Hi, can I ask you a question here?
Will the Librem key still work if someone don’t use PureOS? I guess most Linux distros are compatible with the key?

Haven’t updated in ages, but I’m using PureOS.

Though I couldn’t ditch gnome for KDE fast enough.

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It should be noted that Windows currently does not run without issues (no screen backlight control, and no gestures). I imagine no one will vote for that, even if they would have liked to. (I for example would have liked to be able to run Windows with all features intact.)

Qubes represent!!


Its a standard hard security token so it should work any distro. Might just have to add a udev rule to the distro and/or install something like scdaemon.

I tried all the “top” Linux distros and find that PoP!_OS is superb. Everything works, it’s polished and a delight to use.

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Qubes OS of course.

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Debian buster here :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Really? That’s bad…