What partitions can be encrypted?

I’m following the guide here to manually partition my drive on installation, but I’m not sure which partitions I can encrypt. I tried encrypting the / directory as well as the /home directory, but the installer crashes when I try installing like this. If I don’t encrypt anything, I’m able to boot from my drive correctly.

The guide doesn’t say to flag the swap partition as “swap,” but I tried both with and without and it doesn’t seem to matter. Same with the / directory, flagging it as “root” seems to do nothing.

Also, after following that guide, I get a message telling me to create an EFI partition, but it gives me the steps to do it so I did. Not sure if that’s important.

What are you trying to accomplish? The automated installation uses full disk encryption.

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I assume we are talking PureOS on an x86 computer here because the process is completely different on the Librem 5. So what hardware are you installing on?

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I’m trying to do full disk encryption, but the automated installer doesn’t seem to work for me.

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I’m installing on a custom built x64 machine, dual booting with Windows

With the disclaimer that exactly zero x86 computers in this household run anything other than Linux, hence by implication there is no dual booting, I suggest that if you want to dual boot then you should install the operating systems on separate disks, one for “Windows” and one for Linux. That assumes that your boot firmware is capable of affording a choice of boot disk (usually through pressing the right key immediately after powering on).

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Install PureOS successfully first, then create a second partition for Windows later.