What signal is sent to an app when you close it?

I am writing an app for the L5 and I want to know what signal is sent to an app when you close it by swiping up.

Also is it possible to catch these signals with GTK so I can save the application state?

Indeed, it would be curious to know, does the process get an honest-to-goodness kill signal or does it go dormant and get awakened with another signal you click on it again?

Not that I’d program anything, but for use in future Q&A.

I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think it’s the level of killing the process no matter what. I remember before I changed the setting Firefox would refuse to close with the swipe up when I had multiple tabs open, which means its more of an “ask” not force


I thought it’s the equivalent of clicking the “close” button on a window? So for sure you can do whatever you want when the close event is triggered, including ignoring it completely…

For GTK4: https://docs.gtk.org/gtk4/signal.Window.close-request.html

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