What will the Librem 5 camera specs be?

The camera will not be a user-interchangeable module in the sense of Project Ara or other modular phone concepts, but it will most likely be an internal module of some description, because that’s the least time consuming and least difficult way to provide a camera.

Is there already some more information about the camera (specifications)?
Currently, the Librem5 hardware specification page still states for the front camera and back camera: TBD.

No, more information next month, when general availability and shipping begins.


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All purism news post where they say that pre-order at $649 will end July 31st, when general availability and shipping begins.


just linking to the final specs of L5 in case you missed it ! camera front 8mp - back 13mp - confirmed 2019 july 29


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I think most camera modules allow to get the uncompressed sensor output so it should be possible to save all images as RAW files, shouldn’t it? This would improve the image quality a lot if we would be able to post process the images by one self as one can do it with DSLRs images!


I just hope it will support PNG. Last smartphone i had has a 20MP camera but the photos were JPEG and i couldn’t change it. Photos were 2160p but ugly anyway. Cameras with high pixel counts that does only compressed photos make no sense.

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Sounds like you took pictures inside a chat app that only used about 5 of the 20MP and then compressed it to death to save bandwidth. Under normal circumstances (quality 80% or more) you should be unable to tell it is JPG.


Nope. I used the official camera app. It’s the Lumia1520 if you’re wondering.

Well, there are plenty possibilities why the pictures were bad, including too much compression. But if used properly, JPG is not a problem.
I expect that on the Librem you’ll sooner or later be able to save RAW or JPG with high quality. We all want good quality, so it will happen :sunglasses:


RAW is usually for higher gamut capturing sensors (10bit color depth and up) but uncompressed tiff would work nicely for the L5. i assume the L5 will capture internally at most 8-bit color.

I was wondering if the camera flash can be used with the switch turned off, I use to use the smartphone as a torch a lot really and that will be an little issue for me if it’s not possible.


That’s an interesting question. I would like to use it as a torch too. It doesn’t make much sense for the flash to be switched off with the camera since it’s not a sensor but I guess it depends if the camera and flash are linked in some way and if they can be powered separately. It would be inconvenient if the kill switch has to be on but it wouldn’t bother me personally that much.

If it does not you can always just use an app that makes the screen white. The N900 actually had an app that was meant to use the screen as torch. Though it also had a proper torch app which used the flashlight. Using the screen as torch can be pretty nice for reading in the dark as the flashlight was too bright for that IMO and the screen brightness could be used to control torch brightness.

Though I definitely hope that we will be able to use a proper torch function without having to turn the camera kill switch off.

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I’m pretty confident it will be usable. As found here (and following that here) it seams they will use a chip called lm3560 for the flash an it will be wired via another i2c port than the camera. So it seams pretty independent from the camera modul.


I’m sorry to necro the thread, but I can’t seem to find the info anywhere: what are the specs and part info (manufacturer, model) of the cameras? Particularly the back 13Mpix. Maybe even a link to the datasheet?

Maybe this is up to date and helpful: Comparing specs of upcoming Linux phones

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Thanks, that led to the info I needed.
Thought, not very convenient. Should copy that whole table to the community wiki too, at some point.

Back Camera w/LED flash 1/3" 13Mpx CMOS sensor, S5K3L6XX; 4224×3136 active pixels;
*30fps @4K, 60fps @FHD, 120fps @HD; focusing range: 10cm - ∞ @AF; FOV: 81.5° *

Front Camera 1/4" 8Mpx CMOS sensor, YACG4D0C9SHC; 3264×2448 active pixels;
30fps @QUXGA, 60fps @FHD (Crop), 90fps @HD; focusing range: 28.9-65.0cm; FOV: 83.3°

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