What will the lock screen be?


Anyone know what the lockscreen on the librem 5 is slated to be? I am wondering if I will have to type a full password each time? Or will we be able to set a pattern unlock? obviously you wouldn’t want a pattern unlock for sudo access but for desktop access I think it would be good enough.


Here’s the old boot video, here’s a recent refinement.

I guess in the first iteration it will just be a numeric code. But I guess you’re not the only one wishing for more options, so it shouldn’t take too long :wink:


The lock screen will take your fingerprint and then send it to a Purism server which checks your IP and if you are trying to log in from a previously confirmed IP then you will be allowed access otherwise you will get a form from which you can send your passport or drivers license to purism to confirm your currently used IP address. Logging in while being connected to a proxy is not allowed.

Purism helps ensure that your data is safe.

Edit: I am just joking BTW! I want to vent my frustration because I got permanently locked out of Hotmail for trying to access my e-mail from another country! I hate IP based security measures my login credentials should be enough!


I was a fan of BlackBerry10’s Picture Password lock screen.


Right now from what I have seen it’s going to be like the standard Gnome unlock screen. Which would mean you need to put in your admin password everytime you login which is less than ideal on a phone. I would prefer some sort of pattern unlock or pin unlock for the desktop and a sesperate password for admin/sudo rights.


Actually this is very convenient because I thought of something that I thought was STUPID about my Android. So perhaps it can be addressed on the Librem 5.

If I recall (it was a long time ago) the phone arrived in a mode that if you shut the screen off by pressing the side button, it would go into lock screen. That could be disabled, in favor of having it time out on inactivity…but then there was no way to FORCE it to lock early. (And I tried in vain to find an app or widget to do that; problem is searching for lockscreen brings up a LOT of other things like being able to control X, Y or Z from the lockscreen–useless.) A widget that, when pressed, locks the phone would, I think, be a good idea.


“what will the lock screen be ?” it can be whatever you want - it’s your phone - the limit is you (you are not in any way forced to use this or that - if you know HOW you can change it)


The lock screen is pretty integral to the OS. Sure I could set the screen to never lock and then write my own lock screen app to do what I am talking about but it will probably be a very imperfect solution compared to something baked into the OS.


Not really. The lock screen is just a program that runs on the OS. Each different graphical shell tends to supply its own lock screen and it tends to be fairly easy to change it. However, I expect the few alternative options currently available are all fairly conventional in terms of authentication methods, though there is support for theming, to customise the appearance.

Having said that, writing a new lock screen from scratch is not a project I’d take lightly. I’m sure there have been loads of lessons learned over the years, which it would be unwise to ignore. No doubt my first attempt would be easily circumvented by some trivial keypresses!