What would you like covered in a review for the Librem 15?

I just received my Librem 15 and it’s still in the box sitting on my desk. I have the luxury of time and almost enough patience that I would like to put together a somewhat worthwhile review of the laptop for the community. While I get that someone may want to see a video of the unboxing, I much prefer to have data to back up any opinions I may form. So the plan is to boot the laptop up on a isolated network to perform a full packet capture and likely perform some pen testing in order to see how secure it is straight out of the box. I’m partial to Kali but am open to suggestions for other tools or distros someone thinks is better. Perform some stress testing on the hardware? Open to any suggestions within reason, I’m not dropping it or submerging it of course.

You are right that unboxing videos might be a bit “meh”… take the opportunity to think “outside the box” then (see what I did there! :slight_smile:

I think the security testing idea you proposed would be interesting, especially if you can then provide some concrete recommendations for devs to improve PureOS. Benchmarking some intensive tasks (compiling? transcoding with Handbrake? USB3 benchmarks?) would be cool as well.

For what it’s worth, I did some power consumption measurements but haven’t done performance testing yet (I’m not sure what to test except compiling a large framework).