What's After L-14's are gone?

On a line in Today’s email (Announce] Librem 5 Innovation Continues, Promotions and More Updates! ::

Bag $100 off on Librem 14 laptop and $60 off on Librem Mini computer, with code PRIVACYFIRST. Order now, as this offer is valid till the inventory runs out. Check out with this link to avail the offer!)

What will happen once …“inventory runs out”?

  • Will Purism introduce a new line or
  • Will Purism stop providing laptops and Librem Mini altogether?
  • Does support for the 14 and mini also stop when the L-Mini and L-14 shelves are empty?
  • About how many L-14s are left? :thinking:
  • The sale: are there no options left buy L-14 outside the U.S.


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I asked this very question when they first started the $100 off. Didn’t get any real guidance. So I cashed in my $699 L5 pre order, they gave me a $799 credit and I got the $100 as well and bought the Purism 14. I’m just going to post about it now.


Putting the obvious aside i.e. that only Purism can actually answer that question or your other questions …

I think it is just poorly worded. If you read the linked article it contains the same text

until stock runs out

but also says

till the current inventory runs out

(my emphasis)

and also says

We also reserve the right to stop or modify the sale any time.

Most companies offering promotional prices have to place some kind of limit. Many companies would use an “end date” but many companies would also impose the condition “while stocks last”. It’s just CYA because otherwise there will always be someone complaining that the promotional price was not publicised with any kind of limit and therefore should apply forever even if the customer looks at the email 3 years after it was sent out.

I doubt you will get an answer from Purism to those two questions.

Just speculating but they might be looking at Librem 14 v2 i.e. minor to moderate hardware changes, but basically still the same market positioning, and just want to clear out inventory of v1.

Extremely unlikely.

Seems unlikely to me but that’s just an opinion.

I don’t understand how this question relates to anything in the email from Purism.

It’s NOT about the EMAIL. Clearly, it’s about the items in the bulleted list of my questions

Meh - what ever. I copied & pasted from the landing site …"“inventory runs out”". Current smurrent. What ever.


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Maybe they’ll manufacture L14’s with the drawing-board year appended as a two digit number?

Like the T series of Soviet/Russian tanks. (They didn’t always follow that line of reasoning for the model number, but it is close enough.)

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I didn’t know how much had to be related to the email, and having read lost of emails since, I really don’t care if I didn’t follow some procedures about relativity.

It’s not always obvious to everyone what the relationship is between this site and what ‘their’ products are. I’ve seen some posts that had me thinking some of ‘their’ kahunas jump in once and a while. My mistake.

Thanks for your input. Opened my eyes to a few things here.

That was a great summer we had - all 3 weeks of it! :slight_smile:


Perhaps this is being too optimistic, but, hey, if they’re open to suggestions for new products, there’s really not much in the way of Linux-focused laptops with 360 degree hinges and a pressure sensitive stylus garage. Having that could really expand the number of possible users who’d want one (it would include me at least).
Thing is there’s probably not a lot of them because 1. that would mean more weird hardware features to support, and 2. Most Linux-focused laptops are really just Chinese OEM laptops with some custom firmware (if that).
Purism might actually be able to pull it off since they have designed motherboards for the Librem laptops, and they’ve put together an OS that’s supposed to be convergent between laptops and phones.
And it might be neat to have an ARM motherboard as an option since the demands for battery life are on the order of 8 hours these days.
Of course, if they’re preparing a new launch already it’s probably a bit late for anything I say to influence anything, so I’m just saying some wishful thinking.

Find an American broker who will ship overseas? I’m sure there’s one with an address near Langley.

Is Langley US? I’m not sure who you are replying to, but I in past seen L-x have two kinds, one that ships out of U.S. expensive, and one that is not U.S.for less and believe that it didn’t have a country, just that it was’t assembled in U.S. I didn’t check to see if it’s still like that.

It was a CIA joke. Langley (and the CIA) are in Virginia, US. The joke is, yes they’ll send you one, real cheap, customized just for YOU.

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