What's happend with the display?

I only typed harmless things in Terminal while I tried to install waydroid. Its a hardware-problem?

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looks like a case for support@puri.sm

More recently i have seen ghosting on my display, while that didn’t appear to occur before. Maybe a kernel driver change that has resulted in display driver change of setting. That said ghosting shows symbols and icons that appear burned into the display as you switch screens to another screen showing mostly black, if your screen state above persists, fold notification screen, open another terminal mostly black - then its probably hardware?

I guess the test of that would be

  • image your phone (i.e. save current contents)
  • reflash back to original system
  • use phone for long enough
  • see whether you get display artifacts

If no, then something is not harmless and it’s probably not a hardware problem.

Does this reappear after rebooting?

Yes on the first “Purism” Picture. On the same day I installed an update before. Today also.

And I removed KDE and KDE-apps. I dont now when. Can I check drivers?

Similar thing happened to me also after my last update. Had to take the phone into a pitch black room with a magifying glass to find the gear icon and further submenus to fix it.

How did you fix it?

Opening the gear icon (settings) then power then sliding the screen brightness slider to the right like one normally would.

It wasn’t impossible, just very difficult to see in a lit room. (Yes in daylight it would have been impossible.)


After an Update today and some restarts there are only lines on grey Background visible. The Screen Brightness slider when you pull down the statusbar is not the same? For me this was possible, also in a lit room.

On brightness, I noticed that a recent update (within a week from today) to debian has made the brightness bar misbehave. It drops from brighter to dark as you increase the slider, then goes brighter again. Maybe it got merged? I’m not seeing it on my Librem 5, so I think not.

I haven’t looked for/filed a bug report yet. (busy/lazy)

I was thinking L5=linux, look for the admin function.

And since I’m used to 'droid, and 'droid doesn’t have it there didn’t even think to look there.

What happens if you take a screenshot of it?

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The lines are only a little bit visible on grey background after some updates and restarts. But you must look very sharp on it.

Hello !
It could have been worse… Look at these pictures, shooten just after the very first power-up:

The support asked me to send the L5 back to Purism. No news so far…

it looks like the same

Just for curiosity’s sake, what shows up with a screenshot?

Is there a chance a fix for the update that seems to be causing this, will be available soon?

Side note:
Being a beta tester isn’t my forte’. This “upgrade” or “update” is why I wait 2 - 3 weeks, pending the manufacturer, before letting updates for fixes to patched upgrades in.
I know releases look good on paper, but… I’ll wait as others start reporting bugs and something is done to fix it.
Haven’t used the L5 in a while, but just now discovered there are updates ready to be installed. I don’t think so - not yet.

Hmm… That would have been a good idea to determine if the problem is hardware (a flex circuit defect, as assumed by support), or software (the graphic driver actually draws the ridges).
Unfortunately my L5 was shipped back to Purism via FLOSS-Shop, so I can’t test that now.

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