What's keyboard feels like?

Hi! I’m programmer and used to macbook. Could anyone tell me does the keyboard on Librem 13 alike as on macbook? Or is it much better?

For me the feel is like the “Apple Magic Keyboard.” The only problem I had was switching from command + C to CTRL + C, but that’s about it. It work’s perfectly.

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Few things amaze me on Mac hardware, the keyboard is one of them, by that I mean the layout and the build quality (robustness). It’s so much practical to have the “control” key (aka “command”) next to the space bar that I remapped it like this on every computer I have. Then I put some stickers accordingly, or I just swap the actual caps if possible. This is most probably what I’ll be doing when I’ll get a Librem laptop as well :heart:

I disagree with this. I grew a habit of pressing left ctrl with my “6th finger”, and having it moved somewhere else is would be a big annoyance.

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