What's next if i have a profile on Librem One?


I just succeded to register to librem one. Now if i login to librem one i can see only this:


Now what should i do? How can i reach the social site? If i take my cursor to the button under the Actions column, in the Social line nothing happens if i click on it.

Thanks any help!

You go to https://social.librem.one and log in with your Librem One account.
(And it’s indeed confusing how they did it)


It is confusing! Now everything seems fine :smiley: . And if i want to reach other services, can i follow this method: chat.librem.one, email.librem.one etc… ?

For Chat, Tunnel, Mail you need to download an app: https://docs.puri.sm/Librem_One/First.html.

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Thanks again! I have to start exploring all the stuffs, first mainly social, than i’ll see it.

Just wanted to clarify that you do not need to download or use those apps. They are there for convenience.

Any email client will work - just use smtp.librem.one and imap.librem.one as the email servers.

Similarly, any (in theory) Matrix client will work - I use the Element app but with my librem.one account by using chat.librem.one as the server.


Thanks! i will keep them in mind! Element seems a good choice.