Whats really missing? My view

So, i’ve been following purism for a while, because i like all the security and privacy, in that regard i would switch instantly. Given that purism now has a phone, a desktop, a laptop and even a server, all thats missing (for me) is a descent tablet :slight_smile:

I’m an Apple man. I used to be an Apple hater. I always used Debian, ever since Windows ME came around i switched fulltime to Debian. Then i got an iPhone when my Samsung Galaxy got stolen… and from there it went down hill (or uphill, depending on who you ask!) i got an iPad, an iMac, an Apple Watch, an Apple TV… basicly everything.

And all that syncs soooo nicely… handoff and all those tools… and for me thats what really missing in Linux. If i could host my own “iCloud” on purism server, and have my phone, tablet (with pureos ofcourse) an desktop synced fluidly… oh boy would i move ever so quickly!

Say what you want about Apple, how expensive it is, how closed it all is, etc. Etc. Bu they are very good in making things work perfectly. I realise this is al because they make their own hardware/software … but this is where purism is too! Unfortunatly, im not a good programmer, otherwise i woud have build a purism sync service myself! But who knows, maybe someone knows where to begin? I’m an idea man by heart :smiley:


The type of service you are talking about is on Purism’s roadmap.

If you scroll down a little over halfway, to the “And More” section, you will see “Librem Files”, “Librem Backup” etc. So eventually :slight_smile:

Note, I don’t speak for Purism, but look forward to the sync capabilities when they are developed.

EDIT: BTW, I agree Apple does a really good job at syncing between devices. I’m on the path from going from this convenience (Apple), to “freedom” via free software/Linux/etc myself. I also like Debian, I have my first Purism computer on order, and am looking forward to the phone, though probably still a couple of months for me (I’m in Evergreen).


Oh! Boy… i cant wait :slight_smile:

Every time I have tried to use Apple devices, I have banged my head in frustration, because they kept getting in the way of what I wanted to do. Not being able to sideload apps in iPhones/iPods and not being able to access files normally in the iPad drove me crazy, but I was trying to help other people and they weren’t my devices.

I think that it will be a while till Purism’s devices get to Apple’s level of polish for non-technical users, but that is definitely the long-term goal. I expect that it will be 2-3 years before the Librem 5 gets to a level where it can attract iPhone users. A tablet will probably also be in a similar time frame. Librem One needs a lot more users to support it, so it can offer more services.


I will also add that they had been working on a tablet for a while before the phone, but had supply chain issues, and I think too few orders as well. They have stated that they want to return to the tablet once the phone is more mature.

As mentioned, they also hope to add more services to Librem One (and at some point in the past, they even said they’d publish information on how they’ve got everything set up, so that if you want to host everything yourself, you can follow their example).

I think Purism has a bright future, but they do need time and manpower to get there.

Purism One is till a cloud service in someone’s other cloud, i was refering to my own cloud, on my own purism server :wink:

Im looking forward to the polishing! Its whats keeping me glued to Apple at the moment… the whole “not having to wory about functionality” :slight_smile: i cant believe Apple is the only company who can do such a thing :slight_smile:

Maybe purism should hire me as chief polishing officer ehehe

Linux can already do that - but you will have to do some work. I think there are already a few discussions in this forum.

Is it as integrated and seamless as you get in the Apple ecosystem? Very likely not.

Do you exercise vastly more control and get vastly more privacy? Absolutely.

Do you get better security? That’s 50-50. If you set up your own cloud and do a shoddy job of it then perhaps not.

On the other hand, “cloud” is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around without saying precisely what services you want from your cloud.

What do you want to sync? Is sync all you want to do?

Yep. Expensive. Proprietary (works very nicely if you only drink the Apple cool-aid - more of a battle if you want to use with non-Apple stuff). They control you and own you and your devices.

Works nicely for the non-technical user.

Currently a spiPhone user. Waiting for my Librem 5 …


Once I have a working Librem 5, I would likely back a corresponding tablet if the opportunity arose …

PS Welcome to the Purism community.


I hear what you say, and for the most part i agree with you…

I’m a system administrator for some large networks composed of Windows systems, Linux systems (Debian & Ubuntu) and Mac systems… i would not call myself a non technical user.

And there’s the main problem that Apple fixed, but Linux not yet…

Ofcourse i can put together my own syc service, i could write some bash scripts and have it automated as well, but thats not something i could ask my dear grandma :slight_smile:

Synology has its on set of apps, they connect to one’s own NAS through dyndns… if purism had the same, that would fullfill a lot of needs and wishes :slight_smile:

Especially since purism allready has its own hardware to go with it. I could host my own purism server (run it on the mini, if i was a home user) and sync my purism laptop/desktop/phone with it.

I suppose i could learn a Programming language and fix all that myself, but that would take years, and i wouldn’t even know where to start :frowning:


this must be like a sixth online-sense thing-of-ma-jig :slight_smile:
it’s so weird when you think about how most people even if you speak face-to-face do NOT “hear” what you say :mask:

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What you are looking for is Nextcloud. https://nextcloud.com/ You can easily host your own server and sync all your files, pictures, calendar,etc. Integration is built directly into the Gnome desktop environment. It is far more capable than icloud where you can add a ton of applications into it, customize it, etc. This is how I sync up my Purism and other linux devices. You can even sync with your iphone/mac.


Precisely what I was going to say. Nextcloud can sync note, calendar, files, and more.

If you’d prefer something a bit more polished and not requiring a head (server) to function you could also look at Resilio Sync. It uses bit torrent technology to sync files and has impressive bandwidth capabilities. I use it in conjunction with Nextcloud.

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I prefer a non proprietary solution for syncing, such as Syncthing
I like Nextcloud, but cloud solutions are not quick like local LAN, so Nextcloud is good for sharing files with others or stocking files too large for my device, but for managing files in my devices I prefer Syncthing together


I’m managing 3 Nextcloud installations, including one for my family :wink:

Like i said in my first post, I could easily manage all that, but if it was something of Purism itself, then it could be managed with the OS, intead of all these different software peaces that needed to be managed, i could simpy apt-get everything up to date :wink: makes it easier for less technical users as well!

In 2017 Purism launched this partnership, I do not know if they gave up

You do realize that if Nextcloud is on your local LAN it will have quick LAN speeds right?

I prefer to separate shared files and private files in different locations.

I absolutely do not care for syncing. I have online shops on different platforms, I use Galaxy J2 phone, I use a third iMac since 2007. My Galaxy phone is only for WhatsAp, messages, and some online browsing for information, that’s it. My iMac is my main tool. I don’t even use my phone for email. Everything is on my computer. I will never use iPhone because Apple doesn’t care for protecting iPhone users from SAR radiation, while Samsung has a whole department dedicated to this issue. All I want is Desktop computer which is secure, privacy,…etc. Same with a phone and maybe laptop. Most of my email today online only, and for some I use Thunderbird, which is still the best email client.

Another Nextcloud fan here.

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Hi, sounds like you are where I want to be. Trying to transition off all the usual stuff. I grew impatient with waiting a few years for a functional (for what I need as a daily driver) Librem 5, so I attempted to start on a Oneplus One with Ubuntu Touch. Just to see how I do off iOS. Anyways, my problem is that the only way to import and sync contacts into Ubuntu is via a Google account, which is a deal breaker for me. There are other ways but I literally boil water for a living so I just can’t dedicate the time needed to be proficient in the terminal. I have set up Nextcloud on my Purism 15 and it works fine for my needs. Do you have it running on a Librem 5, or do you know if it will work as easily as on the laptop? Calendar and Contacts are essential, photos and files would be a bonus. Just a bit depressed that I’ve put dozens of hours into the OPO with UBPorts only to get skunked on the contacts sync.