What's the default browser on the Librem 5?

Is it any good?

A Google search found many users want Firefox as an alternative. But that’s a different topic. I haven’t really found info regarding the default apps.

It seems to be Purebrowser (based on Epiphany): https://puri.sm/posts/an-epiphany-regarding-purebrowser/.

However, according to the user voting, Firefox is more important to everyone: https://puri.sm/fund-your-app/.


The default browser in PureOS is Gnome Web.
You can see a very nice documentation about Web application on Librem 5 in the official User Documentation.
The list of all default apps for PureOS is in the PureOS wiki.
Since last August they periodically update these two lists in the Wiki:

They were just updated today and I’m very happy about the progress of the development! :heart_eyes:


Yes the default browser is GNOME Web, firefox-esr is also available and there is a package to apply some optimizations to firefox-esr so it fits better on a mobile screen.


Does GNOME Web use GPU rendering yet? I really like that browser but it needs faster rendering on devices.

Lots of fine apps for a desktop OS. But quite a few core ones are missing for the purposes what I’d use a mobile device over a desktop at all. That’s just my use case. But that would be a separate discussion. Probably we already have a discussion like this on the forum, can you help me finding it?

Maybe another one?

In other news I find it a bit confusing that Purism’s smartphone documentation is split between two separate and different looking web resources.


Yes, hardware acceleration was just added to GNOME Web (aka Epiphany) on the Librem 5. See the FAQ.


yes, forgot about this :smiley:

It is hard to keep track of all developments :wink:


I really like GNOME Web. It’s easier to use than Firefox but it’s rendering performance suffered. I’m super excited to finally get the L5.

also see > https://mpv.io/manual/master/

and search for ‘hardware decod’ to read up on how/why this might influence video-play-back on the L5 in case you dl your AV-material separately (i.e not with the browser) …

It seems that the default browser engine of the Librem 5 (Ephipany) also got hardware-accelerated video. WebKitGTK 2.32.0 still not yet shipped to Byzantium. At the moment this browser already working really good!.

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The L5 comes with GNOME Web pre-installed, but Firefox-ESR is also available in the software store, and works well, too. You can set either browser as your default.

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